Personalised water bottles

Any established company cannot meet its goal unless it doesn’t receive the love and attention from the market. For attaining that, the utmost important thing to do is establish yourself as a brand. Many companies have already understood the utter necessity of this and that is why, you find almost all the companies turning into a brand.

Right from the company that makes personalised water bottles to a company that makes electronics, all are in the bit to embrace the standard of being a brand. As the matter of fact, there are many benefits that a brand receives than what a mere company would do. However, to understand that, first you will need to know what exactly a brand is.

Brand: Not just a word

A brand is not just a word that is associated with a company; it is in fact, the human side of it. It is a set of values, ideologies and principles that a company communicates to audience. We at Branded Mineral Water know that it is a name with which the company is recognised with and is a mascot that determines the characteristics of a company. This reflects that a brand is much more than a single word or name. It is something through which people relate to your company.

There are many aspects of a brand. Lets consider the first aspect, which is the standard of the brand. A brand decides the standard of a particular company. For instance, if you are a company making personalised water bottles, you are just a small company that manufactures water bottles. But, if it is established like a brand than a particular standard can be associated with it.

This of course has to be built and established by you only. You have to decide your own niche, think about creative ways to present yourself in front of the public and stick to exclusivity. You need to focus on the other brands in your nature of business and grasp their brand characteristics. Then, try to find out one particular characteristic that is not acquired by any of the brand and embrace it; make it your USP (unique selling proposition) and market it effectively.

This will aid you to carve out your own niche, which will empower your brand, thereby establishing you as a new player or an unique player in the market, thereby making you a famous and well-reputed personalised water bottles maker rather than just a mere company that takes up the job. This is the main difference between a brand and a company.

In easy terms, a company is just a facility that does a particular job, where as a brand is the humane side of that company that has characteristics, image and personality. Since people love to get associated with humans and not with companies, we advice to you that it is vital to turn into a brand in the market than just staying as a company.

Once achieved, it is a brand that you promote and not the work that you do. In terms of the above example, when you establish a brand, you no more market your work of producing personalised water bottles but market your entire brand image. This develops a sense of trust in the market and people start associating with you based on their liking and level of acceptance towards you. So, in future even if you take up another type of work under your same brand name, it will already have a great sense of credibility in the market because you already have promoted and built your brand in the market and anything sold under it is going to get endowed with a great response from the market, of course, based on the fan following of your brand.

Yet, building a brand is not an easy thing. It is still a tough thing to do because there are many aspects attached to it. That is why; you can take assistance from us because Branded Mineral Water is in the field of branding since a ling time. We make personalised water bottles that are one of the most preferred promotional product that has helped so many brands come up with strong personalities and has helped them develop an extensive presence in the market.

A brand personality

Just like every human has a personality, a brand has a personality too. Humans can be angry, jolly, bubbly or calm. Similarly, a brand can posses such personalities too. There are certain brands that are known for their aggressive behaviour while there are some that are known for their subtle nature. We at Branded Mineral Water know that each of these is nothing but the brand personality that is reflected by the brand to the market. This personality is achieved by nothing but the thinking and ideologies of the person who establishes and owns the brand.

For instance, if there is a person who is sporty in nature, then there are high chances that the brand that he or she establishes will be sporty in nature too. That will then become the personality of that brand. Yet, there are certain rules that are to be considered while establishing a brand personality because it is the one most important thing about any brand. At Branded Mineral Water, we are well aware about these rules and we can conveniently help you make a great personality for your brand. This is because we know that a personality is something that defines the brand and builds its credibility in the market.

A bad personality can leave you with repulsion from the market, causing failure of your brand. That is why; a brand personality has to be crafted with great deal of care, focus, knowledge and understanding. We at Branded Mineral Water are experts at building brand personalities because we are in this business for a long time now. Since we make personalised water bottles, we exactly know what is to be done to make a great brand personality. The main vital thing that we say is to firstly know the kind of personality that you want.

Later you need to check if that personality is effective enough. Conduct tests and see if people love it, associate with it or elude it. Based on your research, you will get to know if the brand personality thought by you is going to work in the market or not. Based on your research, make changes to it and then test again. Another vital aspect to consider while establishing a brand personality is to know the target audience that you are going to target. Your brand personality should be such that your target audience will love to get associated with your brand.

At Branded Mineral Water, we state that, even though it is important to make your brand personality such that it matches and compliments the personality of your target audience, it should also be such that you don’t get caught in it and can incorporate other target audience under it too. That is why; narrowing down is not a great idea. Keeping a broad spectrum is great for any brand personality but of course, never have a generic persona for your brand. We at Branded Mineral Water understand very well how to establish a successful brand personality. This is because, we already are in the industry of branding and the personalised water bottles that we make play an important role in communicating the right brand image of any company.

That is why, if you want to revive the personality of your brand or establish a new one, ours is the company you will surely want to have on board because the magic that our personalised water bottles can do is something that no other means of marketing or advertising can do because an advertisement will come and go but a bottle made by us bearing your brand name on it is going to go a long way. It will be used, reused and used for a long time, thereby giving ample of time for the user of the bottle to get acquainted with your brand and know its right personality.